Chimney Power Sweeping

Normal Chimney Sweeping Brushes can sometimes be not be quite as effective as Power Sweeping, this is because a traditional brush head misses most of the sides and only effectively cleans the corners.

Why Power Sweep ?

  • To prevent house and chimney fires
  • To lower the risk of dangerous fumes, such as carbon monoxide
  • To assist in the efficient burning of fuel.

Power Sweeping as the name indicates is a lot more powerful and effective cleaning both the sides and corners.

The process of Power Sweeping – During a Power Sweep the brush head through centrifugal force expands to suit the flue you are sweeping it also centres itself. The force of the sweeping action is increased by increasing the speed of the drill this has the effect of stiffening the brushing action. This allows for more flexibility i.e. if you are doing an older style chimney then you would use a low speed however if you are doing a heavily built up clay / steel flue then you can up the speed giving you an unbelievable cleaning action.

In short you can clean chimneys much more effectively with Power Sweeping causing less strain on the structure of the flue.

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