Chimney Sweeping Services

At Chimney Swept Clean we cover all types of services we can clean, brush and vacuum Class I and Class II flues. We also have a power brushing system to help clear those stubborn blocked flues.

We can install various items including cowls, caps, chimney pots, bird guards, stove gaskets and glass as well as chimney liners.

Here is a list of our main Chimney Sweeping services :

Chimney Surveys

Chimney Surveys are done to check the quality of work carried out by others, to certify chimneys, to investigate problems being experienced by the user of the appliance.....
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Chimney Power Sweeping

Power Sweeping is completed to prevent house and chimney fires, to lower the risk of dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide, to assist in the efficient burning of fuel....
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We also complete chimney maintenance, removal of debris (such as birds nests), capping off chimneys not in use and chimney flu liners.

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