Chimney CCTV Surveys

What is CCTV?

Close Circuit Television (or CCTV) units are highly specialised miniture cameras. We use Wohler cameras as they are very manoeuvrable, incorparating 360 degree rotation and 180 degree swivel, into a unit which is small enough to fit into virtualy any sized flue pipe.

A standard video output allows the documentation of the inspection for example on a video recorder.

Why Do Chimney Swept Clean use CCTV inspection

  • Close Circuit Television can be used for a number of applications, including;
  • Checking the condition of liners (both chimney and flues)
  • Visual inspection of chimneys prior to lining installation
  • Assessing damage after chimney fire
  • Producing video evidence for insurance claims
  • Chimney Surveying
  • Inspections of blockages caused by birds nests, collapsed mid-feathers and capped chimneys.

The surveys are used for many reasons but the most common are:

To check the quality of work carried out by others.
To certify chimneys
To investigate problems being experienced by the user of the appliance
To inspect prior to use, or re use, to identify any work that may be required to make the chimney safe.
The equipment used is produced by Wohler and will provide a survey in colour and since the camera has a pan and tilt head (enabling it to look through a full 360° arc), it is possible to obtain more detail than with a forward only look.

The survey is available as a CD/DVD or USB memory stick.

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